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Baby Ape Empire

The Baby Ape Empire is a limited collection of 2777 Baby Apes that reside on the Solana blockchain.

Mint Today
WL mint: 13 UTC
Public mint: 14 UTC
Price: 0.77 SOL

We are community-driven - Roadmap will adapt to your Desires



Complete Re-branding of Website, Discord, and Twitter.

Advertise our whitelist and breeding.

Show off our badass baby apes

Mint & Breeding

The breeding snapshot for holders of our first generations will take place right before the mint. 

Supply: 2222

Price: 0.6 – 1.0 SOL

Mint date: mid of April 

SAFE Alpha Hub

SAFE Alpha Empire – Alpha Hub & Tools + Education​ Read more information in the section below

Selling out

Around 80% back to the community (Airdrop, NFTs, Contest + Giveaways).
20% will be used for marketing/team expansion.

We will vote for special benefits of full family holders (BASCC, BALC + BAE)

Working hard on collaborations, community building, and competitions! More WL and NFT giveaways!


Staking will reward delisted holders and be mandatory to receive the airdrop royalty distribution

When our families are (nearly) complete. We will then begin work on physical merch for our community to show off in real life! We want to see those Apes and Baby Apes all over the world on hoodies, caps, and more

We are community-driven all the way through.
Want benefits? Just ask for it.
Did someone say a family is incomplete without a pet…?


We are building a big NFT Brand from scratch in a sustainable way. Therefore we decided to make a small and fair-priced intro into the NFT World with BASCC. Then with the second generation BALC. We will expand our Brand day by day and collection by collection. Every supporter along the way will be rewarded. We will provide WL spots and even free mints for our next collections. 

Keep in mind this is our V3 roadmap. It’s just the beginning and we plan to build so much more than you can see here. We already upgraded our roadmap many times and will continue to do so. We will decide the future together and keep adding value and benefits for our holders. 

Three generations

SAFE Alpha Empire - Alpha Hub & Tools + Education

Outpriced by most top-tier NFT projects? Clueless how all these flippers making gains but you? Not anymore.



Studied computer science and media. Worked as a freelancer/solo developer for years after being fed up with german IT companies. Loves NFTs. Does community and marketing management. Main developer and full-time committed to this amazing project.

ju_n13:  Talented and amazing artist.

jk13: Very smart developer with a master’s degree in AI. Doing the techy stuff.

Community: the best part of our team is our community. We work and grow together and achieve amazing things.

We love what we do and would like to take the journey further. Let’s build and grow together!


Baby Ape Empire is the newest collection of 2777 baby apes that join the Solana Ape Family Empire. The third generation that resulted from our first generation (BASCC) and second generation (BALC) breeding. They will come with new and unqiue upgraded utilities to benefit all holders.

Approximately 2222, might be changed. Everything will be adjusted to our community. We are community-driven all the way through.

10th June, 0.6- 1 SOL.

We will vote as community on an upgraded optional utlilty which will influence the mint price.

Our baby apes will join their parents on

Get yourself a dad here: Bored Ape Solana Copycats

Get yourself a mum here: Bored Ape Lady Copycats


3rd gen: Baby Ape Empire

1st gen: Bored Ape Solana Copycats

2nd gen: Bored Ape Lady Copycats